April 18, 1993 @ Chameleon Club

Chameleon ClubPlease enjoy these videos from April 18, 1993. This show took place at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA.

The video tape was provided to me by Larry Martin from Spirit Assembly. Recording credit is unknown at this time.

Appearing on the bill were:

1. Conviction
2. Spirit Assembly
3. Black Train Jack
4. Sleeper
5. Hogan’s Heroes

Conviction was from Hershey, PA. They were previously known as Transmission, but changed their name when their bassist and drummer left the band and before recording a 7″ for Smorgasbord Records. One more 7″ was released on Watermark Records in 1993. They played their final show on October 30, 1993.

Spirit Assembly was from Lancaster, PA. The original lineup (seen here) featured Larry Martin on vocals. He later left the band in 1994 after the release of their second 7″, Old Joe the Eternal (Motherbox Records). Brothers Gus and Dru Martin along with Sam Stansbury continued playing as a 3-piece, releasing a split 7″ with Car vs Driver (Atlanta, GA) and a full-length album on Yuletide Records. Since leaving the band, Larry started his own clothing company called FAKELIFE which uses a portion of its proceeds to provide meals for orphans living in third world countries.

Black Train Jack was from New York City. They shared a friendship with Spirit Assembly. Larry Martin recounts the first time he saw them play, “In 1993, Paul [Dengel of Motherbox Records] took me to NYC to the CMJ Music Conference. We had a blast. Went to a bunch of shows, parties, etc. Paul had heard that one/some of the guys from Token Entry had started a new band. So we skipped going to see a relatively unknown band, Rage Against the Machine, to see a REALLY unknown band, Black Train Jack. They ruled. It was a totally refreshing experience/sound. After the show, we hung around, made some connections, etc. For the next year and a half we became friends with BTJ and shared many stages with them. Again, trading shows. BTJ helped me realize one of my personal punk rock dreams of playing the famous City Gardens in Trenton, NJ when they invited us to play a show there with BTJ and Slapshot!. BTJ had us to NYC a few times. One of the shows we played was where Paul and I first saw them.”

Sleeper (later Serpico) was from Staten Island, NY. They were good friends with Lancaster’s Stand Up, and released two 7″s on CI Records. They are reuniting on August 19th at Flames Fest 2017. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the original lineup on “Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Breakdown” will play the album in its entirety.

Hogan’s Heroes was from Tom’s River, NJ. They played from 1984 to 1993. California-based record label New Red Archives reissued their debut album and released their next two records. The label also released a compilation series called Hardcore Breakout USA. The second volume featured two songs from the band, but most notably to our music scene is the song “Get Along” by The Passed, a great band from Lancaster.

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