Band Directory

A growing list of SoCenPA bands and where to find them online. Click on the check mark (✓) to open the link.

Band Location
Akrons, The Lancaster
Aline Lancaster
Alliance, The Mechanicsburg
Boyfriends Lancaster
Brom Bones Lancaster
Chalmers Lancaster
Circus Circus Lancaster
Commercials, The Harrisburg
Constrictor Lancaster
Dipshit Lancaster
Dutchland Diesel Lancaster
Edgewood Harrisburg
Eyeds of March Akron
French Revolution, The Lancaster
Give Take, The Harrisburg
Good Crime Lancaster
Last Scene In Reno Lancaster
Lebowskis Harrisburg
Line, The Harrisburg
Lucky Ones Lancaster
Mid Rats Lancaster
Might Makes Right Allentown
NAH Lancaster
No One’s Hero Pine Grove
Olde Tigers York
Placeholder Lancaster
Rightstart Carlisle
Running From Dharma Harrisburg
Saints of Sorrow, The York
Secret Cutter Bethlehem
Sherwin Lancaster
Shitty Friends Lancaster
Skaliosis Mount Joy
Social Class Dropout Harrisburg
Speds, The Mechanicsburg
Sprocket Lancaster
Teeth, The Northumberland
Tigerbomb Lancaster
TiGHT FiTS Lancaster
Very Americans Harrisburg
Video Massacre Reading
We Were Skeletons Lancaster
What Nows?!, The Reading
1994! Lancaster
24th Solution Lancaster

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